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Can Music Help in Speeding Up Healing and Recovery?

Can Music Help in Speeding Up Healing and Recovery?

Music has long been encouraged as a tool for therapy. This is because each one of us connects intimately to music in a variety of ways. You may not be able to play an instrument, but you can emotionally connect to certain songs or genres of music.

Physicians acknowledge that link, while experts say that this connection allows us to achieve states of mind that are beneficial to our healing and recovery. Lately, a new branch of occupational therapy called music therapy has started to grow as well.

Music has several documented evidence in patient recovery, which means home healthcare services can take advantage of this tool as well in taking care of people with disabilities, or elderly people requiring care for aging in place.

For instance, music can reduce the amount of anxiety that people naturally feel before a surgical procedure. A clinical trial involving people who have come in for knee surgery, cardiac angiography, and colonoscopy has found that these patients required less sedatives and painkillers when exposed to music right before their procedure.

For homemaker services in Oak Lawn, Illinois, music can help soothe agitation as well as improve communication with dementia patients even in the later stage of their disease. While dementia attacks the parts of the brain responsible for cognitive, memory, and motor skills, it does not affect the portions that respond to music at all.

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