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Patient Care is our Priority!

There are many reasons why you should choose Active Home HealthCare Services, Inc., as your home health care provider. The first reason is because of our people, the dedicated and compassionate healthcare professionals and paraprofessionals who always work hard to provide you with the best care services in the comfort of your home.

Our employees take great pride in what they do and are passionate about helping seniors and disabled individuals in any way possible to help achieve their overall wellness. All of our physicians, nurses, home health aides, homemakers, and other caregivers are licensed, insured, and bonded. They have undergone an intensive hiring process and have presented credentials indicating they have passed educational and training programs in their fields.

Active Home HealthCare Services, Inc. also continuously works to customize our services to address your unique and changing needs. We always see to it to consider your thoughts, ideas, and preferences. We take the time to know you better so we can properly deliver the care you require.

We strive to provide you with quality care opportunities so you can heal and recover in the comfort of your home. We believe that home is the most comfortable and familiar setting for patients, which enhances their positive response to treatment or health management, facilitates independence and a greater sense of self-worth. In our experience, the need for connection with family and loved ones, especially in challenging times, is proportional to the level of services the individual requires.

Active Home HealthCare Services, Inc. also seeks to restore the faith of our clients in themselves. We know that when it’s your health that’s become the target, your defenses may weaken, but you will be less shaken by your medical conditions when you have a strong foundation to support you. That’s why we always make sure to provide you with compassionate and care services that will not only address your health needs, but also your social, mental, and physical needs.

Joining the revolution of health care, Active Home HealthCare Services, Inc. will:

  • Innovate and Improve Health Services to better suit our clients’ needs
  • Effectively coordinate with other health care professionals in the provision of care for our clients
  • Make our client’s home the most ideal setting for recovery, retirement and/or health management
  • Contribute to our community by becoming a reliable source of professional home health services

Be our client soon. You can start services in as early as 24 hours from the time you send your request. The assignment of care professionals may vary depending on the patient’s health condition. Please contact our office today! Call us at 708-499-2622, or message us at