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Watch Out for Toenail Fungus!

Watch Out for Toenail Fungus!

As important as they are to our everyday activities, we tend to overlook the health of our toenails. More often than not, we just trim or cut our toenails and we’re happy with that. With today’s fast-paced world, that isn’t a surprise. However, it’s an even bigger surprise when your physicians tell you that your feet have been infected by toenail fungus.

In case you didn’t know, the area beneath our toenails is the perfect breeding ground for fungi. They are warm, especially when we’re wearing socks all the time. They are also damp from sweat. If any fungus found itself in the minute cracks between your toenails, you’d have to ask your foot doctors or home health aides in Illinois for a specialized trim.

The fungus can also develop, along with bacteria, if there’s a cut in the area near your toenails. If you’ve been injured in one of your toes, it’s best to wear open footwear until the wound heals. Home healthcare services will advise you strongly against wearing closed shoes, as it increases the temperature in the foot and hastens the spread of fungi.

How do you know if you have a fungal infection in your toenails? One certain indicator is a change in the coloring of the nail or several nails. They typically take on a yellowish hue. They are also brittle to the touch. Worse, the nail itself could be removed from the nailbed, which becomes a more serious problem for you.

Toenail fungal infections, of course, can be avoided through proper hygiene. However, if you have a fungal problem in your toenails, homemaker services in Oak Lawn, Illinois by Active Home HealthCare Services, Inc. can help you out!

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