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Why Do We Need to Iron Our Clothes?

Why Do We Need to Iron Our Clothes?

One of the tasks you could expect home health aides in Illinois to do is to iron your clothes for you. It is an integral part of homemaking, aside from laundry, changing the bedsheets, and meal preparation.

Now, out of all the tasks that are included by homemaker services in Oak Lawn, Illinois, ironing is the least appreciated. Some people go about just folding their clothes and not ironing them at all! That’s unfortunate because ironing has many benefits.

One of these is sanitation, which many physicians find important these days. All detergents are designed to ruthlessly kill germs upon contact. Compounds called surfactants bind to these germs and make them implode. The dead cells are then washed away during rinsing. However, a small number of germs may survive – nothing is perfect – but the heat of the ironing plate will decimate them all.

Ironing can also be beneficial to the fabrics of the clothes themselves. The heat stretches the fabric, so it feels more comfortable to wear. It also prevents the fabric from shrinking, as they tend to do with time as a result of washing.

Of course, clothes that have been ironed after washing are free of wrinkles. As a result, they look more attractive. Ironed clothes make the person look more organized and neat. Imagine what would happen if you wear wrinkled clothes to a job interview – you’re sabotaging your chances that way.

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